6 Grooming, Fashion Habits for Men to look More Handsome and attractive

6 Grooming, Fashion Habits every men must adopt inorder to look more Handsome and Attractive.

Here are 6 grooming, Fashion Habits(Tips) that every guy must practice on a daily basis inorder to be more physically pleasant and look a whole lot more Attractive everyday that renders more confidence to yourself.


Alright so talking about grooming gentlemen, number one in the list is:

1)  Hairstyle

Yes, its Indeed first in the list, as a proper hairstyle can create a magical mystery in overall physical appearance of any men.


A proper Haircut or Hairstyle  depending upon your FACE SHAPE can enhance your overall asthetic look, leaving you more Fresh and Elegant and a Noticable guy in the room.

2)  Facial Hair (Beard or clean shaven)

Coming to facial hair we guys face lots of problems and misconceptions. As some says that Beards are in trend, and some says Clean Shaven look Rocks.

Facial hair

But, Gentlemen to be very true it completely Depends on a type of look that suits you .
To be more precise let me explain you:

If you are a guy who has good Testestrone level i.e if u have good growth rate of Facial Hair, then you can surely Adapt a bearded look .PROVIDED you groom your beard nicely with Shampoo, conditioner, etc timely. And no doubt you’ll be Sexiest male around.

On the otherhand if you are a guy blessed with patchy Facial Hair(less number of Hairs) then please don’t blame yourself it Natural and you are born to be more Cleaner Guy , So adapt for clean Shaven look and get more that GENTLEMEN kind of look and you will surely be the most Handsome male in the room.

3)   Proper Clothing Sense

Well, it happens a lot of time at some kind of trend of particular clothing is going on and so we buy all those so called trendy piece of clothing.

But what eventually happens is without even wearing for a year we retire that piece of clothing as so its not at all in trend as well as that piece of clothing has now became very Shabby Fashion style.

So inorder to not waste you valuable money, time and effort in all those shit clothing which not even makes you look Attractive , Wear something Classic Fashion Clothing (black, White, Grey, blue,etc) and pair up it with proper jeans or trouser . This eventually leaves you to be a most noticeable and Attractive Guy than ever.

4)  Maintaining Healthy Skin

Most people says that they were born with more bright complexion but now in 18s or 20s their complexion is not so bright .

The Reason behind this is very simpler as time passed we became more careless about our health , skin, etc and so we are now ….

Clear skin

So Gentlemen its time to leave that Laziness ,
a)   Wash you Face Twice Daily with a Mild Facewash.
b)  Exfoliate your skin Atleast once in a week with some good scrub.
c)   Moisturise your skin (Especially in Winters)
d)  Apply a Sunscreem whenever you are out in Harmful U.V Rays.

5)  Cleanliness and Hygiene

Cleanliness is more oftenly ignored by most of the guys, which makes you look  shabby, lazy, sloppy, dirty and obviously not pleasant to be one to look upon.
 So Gentlemen talking about cleanliness there are many aspect that immediately needed to be fixed . Here are some of them:
 Ø Nails: 
   Yes, Gentlemen you might be thinking of what I am talking about but yes this part is highly ignored by majority of men. As Said right from our primary school cutting your nails regularly and keeping them clean is a basic cleanliness habit that everyone should practice.

Ø Brushing up: 
    Obviously cleaning our teeth and maintaining proper oral hygiene is very important .In short properly brushing teeth atleast twice a day.
Ø Manscaping: 
    Not talking much but, trimming every unwanted body hair is atmost important.
Ø Bathing: 
    This obviously everyone does but, if some don’t take bath daily then please stop being so lazy.


Ø Smelling Good
    Not Applying those complete costly bottles of Perfumes but if you are the one who have some bad odour issue ,so apply a proper deodorant and Perfume.

6)  Maintaining Good Relation with everyone.

This has Nothing to do with Physical Appearance, no matter how good or bad you look your behaviour speaks it all.

The way you communicate with people not only affect your personal but also your professionalism too.

Greeting people with a good Enchanting Smile , helping, Caring, and all good thing makes you immensely Attractive , an Epic Gentlemen and way too Handsome .

So Gentlemen I hope you have received some good tips from my post "6 Grooming, Fashion Habits for Men to look More Handsome and attractive" and had a good time in reading...

                                                        ~IQBAL QURESHI


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