How to look Handsome: 5 Tips to become Handsome

How to look Handsome | 5 Tips to become Handsome

Gentlemen, Being Handsome or attractive is something that not just elevates your personality but also renders SELF CONFIDENCE in yourself.

But, unfortunately what happens is that we start to think that we are not so good looking by birth etc etc  and completely ruins our confidence.

How to look Handsome with Handsome men
How to look handsome

But, truly speaking gentlemen everyone born in this planet are special, You are special, You are unique. No Matter how dark or light coloured skin tone you have, it is as best as it could be for yourself. The only difference is within our mindset and yes little work to be done on ourselves inorder to groom and take care of our body in a right way.

So, without wasting much of your time lets quickly take a look on things that you have to perform on a daily basis:

1.   Face Care.

Gentlemen, Face is the main centre of attention of our body, it speaks almost everything about our body.

No Matter how dark or light skin tone you have maintaining it clean and clear makes you to look most attractive guy than anyone in the room.

how to wash face, how to look handsome
face wash

Face Care habits involves:
v Face Washing (2 times a day with good facewash)
v Scrubbing (2 or 3 times a week)
v Moisturising in case of dry skin type
v Applying sunscreens

All these things I have already Discussed in my previous Post “ 6 Grooming habits For every men” If u haven’t read that then click and read the complete post.

2.   Physical Fitness:

Maintaining good physique not only guarantee you good aesthetics but also great Health benefits.

Now I am not going to tell you to train like a bodybuilder or so. Just a lean physique makes it all .

how to become handsome, fitness
How to become handsome

Do any sports you like whether it be weight training, running, cricket, football, cycling etc for atleast 1 hour a day it will surely guarantee you good health both physically and mentally.

Jogging, Running

3.  Hair care and Hygiene

Hairs are something that elevates our personality to the next level.
Taking care of it is atmost important i.e Regularly oiling your hair atleast 4 times a week, washing it with right shampoo or soap, etc

Hair oil, hair care
Hair oil

All these are already discussed in my post “Hair care routine for Men”

At last hygiene is very much neglected by we men that makes us appear pathetic in front of others.
Manscaping, properly shaving etc comes here

4.  Picking up the right clothing For yourself

Versatile Clothing compliments your personality and makes you look like astonishingly attractive.

Clothing for men

Wearing Proper Shirts and Tshirts that compliments your personality etc which is Discussed in detail on my post “Mastering the skill to pick the most versatile shirts”

how to look attractive, clothing
how to look attractive

Wearing proper Shoes also goes the same. You can learn more about choosing best shoes for yourself from my post

5.  Meditation

You might be thinking how meditation makes you handsome.
Let me explain you, meditation increases the level of consciousness of your mind and also oxygen level in our body.

Meditation, Handsome men

This increases your productivity and focus in your life to achieve your dreams. Also good level of oxygen is very helpful for your skin health.

Thereby making you attractive not just physically but also Mentally.

So, I hope Gentlemen you like our topic on “How to look Handsome” And had a great time in learning something new about yourself.

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                                         ~IQBAL QURESHI


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